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About MeeBuddy Pvt. Ltd.

  • MeeBuddy is an Andhra based startup company. It is India's first digital platform catering to the needs and services of rural and semi-urban areas. We are delivering all daily needs and services at door steps. We are an year old startup company. Till date we are operating 20 branches in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Recently we have started our services in Arunachal Pradesh to provide daily needs in this critical lockdown time to help Arunachal Citizens.
  • MeeBuddy will give franchises to local Entrepreneurs and they will start services/Business in their local area. They will tie up with local shops with some margin and digitalize those shops and deliver it to customers based on customer orders.
  • In this Critical Lockdown situation we are doing social service by giving MeeBuddy Digital Platform for free and giving technical support with MeeBuddy volunteers 24/7.
  • MeeBuddy is started under RGUKT IIIT NUZVID's incubation center. Founder is an Alumni of RGUKT IIIT NUZVID. Malireddy Rajasekhar and fellow juniors around 200 students came forward for this social service.

Covid19 services

  • During Covid 19 crisis, we believe that we are one of the correct company/ team to do service while people stay home to be safe. We are providing services in rural and semi urban areas. We came to do social service with our technology to serve needy people.
  • This MeeBuddy is stated under incubation center of RGUKT IIIT NUZVID by Alumni of RGUKT IIIT NUZVID and professionals team. He and present students 200 members came as volunteers for this social work.
  • We are giving MeeBuddy platform for free for those who are having local government support and permissions to start this door delivery services for local people.
  • Daily needs delivery at door step is the only service we are doing for COVID-19 lockdown period.
  • If you are having support from goverment, then register as manager and then our technical volunteer team will call and train you about MeeBuddy.

Volunteer Registration.

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    Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any degree.
  • Network and social connections in your local area.
  • Experience in marketing of products and basic knowledge of services that are in need in your locality.
  • The zeal to serve your local people.
  • Hardworking nature.
  • Honesty and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MeeBuddy ?

MeeBuddy is the digital platform that delivers all daily needs and services at the door steps of semi urban and rural areas

For Covid-19 what is your service?

In lockdown period, people should stay safe at home. So we are delivering daily needs to all Indians at their doorstep.

Why MeeBuddy is special here?

In current situation, most of the people have migrated to semi-urban and rural areas. As we already have an existing platform, we can start the services immediately.

How are you choosing managers?

If anyone is intrested with their local govt support , permissions and has basic knowledge about computer/smartphone.

What you are providing to managers? How much you charge to give platform?

In Lockdown time we are doing social service so we are giving platform for free of cost and also providing technical support by meebuddy student voluteers to every manager.

Will MeeBuddy pay money to managers?

No, MeeBuddy will not pay any money to the managers.

How managers will manage to run services there?

Charge nominal amount of delivery charge from the customer and take margin from local shops for the products. Also, you can take local NGO's help if you want to do this like a business otherwise do it as a service.

Where do we get the products from?

Talk with local shopkeepers and take items from them and delivery it to customer

What type of support is needed from local government ?

1. Passes to ensure delivery of products from 6AM to 6PM(varies from location to location).
2.Adverstising and marketing about door delivery service.
3.To Open few shops to take items for meebuddy customers,etc

For Queries related to MeeBuddy Contact us

Helpline Numbers

Telugu 9848591143 9849736905
English 9948455336 9110593297
Hindi 7075450136 6300342375 9989254939

Please write a mail to [email protected]