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We are not taking money from managers. Franchise platform giving for free of cost

About MeeBuddy Pvt. Ltd.

  • MeeBuddy is India's first digital platform catering to the needs and services of rural and urban areas.
  • We bring you all the facilities and services that only metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities have.
  • With just one click we provide you technology and services together at your doorstep.
  • MeeBuddy paves a path to a simpler and easy lifestyle.
  • We provide many services through MeeBuddy. Some of these are as follows.
    1. Online shopping
    2. Daily services.
    3. Buy and sell.
    4. Agriculture market.
  • Online Shopping

  • We provide you with an online shopping facility. You can now order online your daily usage items like fruits, vegetables, milk products, meat, breakfast, restaurant items, snacks, beauty and skincare products, cleaning and household products, stationery items, medicines, organic products and agricultural products and many more with just one click and we bring them to you at your doorstep.
  • Daily services

  • Are you tired of wasting your energy in searching for efficient workmen to complete your daily chores? Don't worry we are here for you. You can now order services like auto services, mechanical work, carpentry, plumbing, A/C repairs, computer services, laundry services, housekeeping services, painting, drone spraying, photography and any other services that you need. Whenever you are in need, your buddy, MeeBuddy is here.
  • Buy and sell:

  • Do you have products that you don't use anymore? Then what are you waiting for, sell them on MeeBuddy and get cash for old goodies.
  • You can sell and buy used products like vehicles, electronic gadgets, agricultural tools etc.
  • Not only products, but you can also sell and buy properties like houses, commercial spaces, agricultural lands, cattle and many more.
  • You can also rent your houses, lands, shops through MeeBuddy.
  • Note:Buying and selling options and prices may vary according to place.
  • Agriculture market.

  • Farmers and consumers, are you fed up with the middlemen. Now there's no need for you face this difficulty. MeeBuddy brings you a platform where small and marginal farmers can sell their crop directly to the consumers in bulk, giving scope for higher profits for farmers and lower cost for consumers.

We will assing one Technical Volunteer . He we will explain all the details

MeeBuddy doing social work to keep citizens safe at home

We are not taking money from managers. Franchise platform giving for free of cost

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    Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any degree.
  • Network and social connections in your local area.
  • Experience in marketing of products and basic knowledge of services that are in need in your locality.
  • The zeal to serve your local people.
  • Hardworking nature.
  • Honesty and reliability.

Important Dates.





Last Date for Registrations

27.03.2020 6PM


Screaning and Assining Technical Volunteer



One day training by Technical Volunteer



Services start

29.03.2020 or 30.03.2020

For Queries related to Franchising

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you can also call Helpline No.s: 6304917180